James M. Beach

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I write science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers with dark humor.
I am fascinated by science, politics, humor, history, the bizarre, and the metaphysical. I enjoy aiming questions at these subjects with arrows dipped in satire. Some of my works can be filed under “Tales for Grown Up Children.”
In addition to writing and creating, I love to help other creators do what they want to get done. I’ve put a lot of thought into this over the years, and am proud to have recently condensed thoughts and practices to help authors complete and polish their projects into “Writing With a Day Job.” More works and discussions of that journey will follow.
I am also a photographer, a recovering musician, and I once cleaned a house with 26 dogs in it.

What people are saying


The Luck Thieves

Mr. Beach spins a fantasy thriller with a twist. I am putting him in my library right up there with Baldacci, and Dave Barry.” ~ John Wolf

Hyperspace Radio: The Collected Short Stories of James Beach

“You never know where the next story will take you, as you start a new adventure.” ~ Midwestern Book Review

“In short: I really enjoyed this book!
In long: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.” ~ Trepan the Universe
Two-Fisted Jesus Tales Book 1: the Book of the Job
 “Wonderfully satirical and surprisingly nuanced, Beach’s depiction of Jesus is both entertaining and captivating. While his enemies are forcefully educated about what is truly masculine, American, and Christian, Jesus and his followers help the reader explore the real meaning of faith.” ~ Amazon Review
….this book hits every question and concern with the kind of cleverness that borders on prophetic. This book reminds me of “Tokyo Suckerpunch,” a steampunk novel that I’ve never found a rival to until this Two-Fisted Tale of Jesus the Christ.” ~ Tez L.
As someone who is religious, this book was very offensive and a waste of time. Received it as a gift and would return it for a refund if I could. Story is terrible and Un-christian on so many levels… Did I mention this is awful?!?” ~ An Amazon Reviewer  who was probably the victim of a prank that I honestly find pretty funny.

Writing With a Day Job

“Full of brilliant advice that has helped me to improve the quality and quantity of what I write on a daily basis, ‘Writing With a Day Job’ also, importantly, made me remember that writing should be fun.” ~ The Keyboard
“Stop waiting for the right time to get into your creative life. This books gives you practical options to bring thecreative in now.” ~ Deb Potter

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